#SonofaPitch Contest – Week 2: My ten entries



Today kicks off Son of a Pitch, Week 2.

This week, the entries for ten writers will be posted on my site.

Participants are asked NOT to comment on other entrants’ posts, only their own. You can bribe, coax, share, tweet, and do whatever to your entry, but you cannot comment on anyone else’s.

The participating authors will leave feedback for the entries. The other participating writers are: Ayden Morgen , Samantha Bryant , Leigh Statham , Mara Valderran, Stacey Nash , Elizabeth Roderick, and Yolanda Renée! The top twenty will be selected and posted on Friday.

Best of luck to all entered!

And here you go… :

Entry #1 – THE QUESTER


Entry #3 – STARBOARD


Entry #5 – HUNTER



Entry #8– ILLUSION

Entry #9 – THE SCHOOL

Entry #10 – CASTER’S FLAME


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Ayden Morgen | Leigh Statham Yolanda Renée Samantha Dunaway Bryant

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#SonOfAPitch – ENTRY #8 – ILLUSION

Category and Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 54,000
Kate Stillwell has her summer organized into a tidy list of bullet points and subheaders—until she’s abducted by Idina, her best friend. Idina takes Kate to the headquarters of the Celestian Guard, an organization of magicians from another world. Here Kate is told the truth about her abduction: it was, in reality, a rescue from a splinter group of magicians called the Berserkers. Centuries ago, the Berserkers attempted to overthrow the Celestian government in a battle that culminated in the Berserkers’ retreat to Earth and their severing of the interdimensional pathway to Celestus. 

Now the Berserkers are intent on finding a lost sword that could be used to free their leader from his prison in the center of the earth. Only this time, Celestus may not be the only world they wish to overtake. Determined to protect both Earth and creativity, Kate volunteers to join Idina and a secretive boy named Justin on a hunt to find and destroy the sword.

First 250 Words:


It just doesn’t stand to reason why my very normal life would have to be interrupted by weirdness on the last day of school. Of course, reason isn’t pervading my thoughts at the moment. Only alarm.

“Stop with this nonsense.” I admonish myself. “You can figure this out.”

The cause of my distress is a ball that up until a few moments ago, I was using to practice a magic disappearing trick.

Until the ball actually vanished.

Footsteps crunch on the sidewalk. “Have a good summer, Kate.” A guy—a senior, like me—heads toward his car.

I stop checking myself for the ball long enough to nod politely to him. “Thanks. And if you need any help with summer homework, just let me know.”

“Will do.” He jogs across the street, right in front of a bus. I shake my head.

A silver pick-up tags along behind the bus.

Wait. Idina? What is she doing here? A cold, heavy weight descends on me, chilling the perfect New Jersey day. Does she have news from the trial?

The truck’s passenger window rolls down and a cheery voice sings out, “Hop in, Kate!”

Something must have happened at court for Idina to pick me up. After all, I haven’t seen her in over a month. She must want to break the news to me before I get home, so we don’t upset Mom.

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Title: Supernova Fall, Supernova Fly

Category and Genre: YA contemporary
Word Count : 79,000
Query :

Sixteen-year-old Krishna Covalho lost her memories the same day her best friend Emily died. Krishna, who is now an insomniac, is in regular therapy and makes all her decisions by a magic 8- Ball. And in the unlikely case she does fall asleep, she wakes up from terrible nightmares and thinks she sees demons everywhere.


 But even her 8-Ball can’t predict when one night her neighbor and infamous troublemaker Novahk McAllister walks into her life thus beginning an unlikely friendship and maybe more.


When a video showing Emily in a compromising situation surfaces at school, everything Krishna knew about her best friend is shaken to its core. Was Emily really in an accident, as her parents keep telling her or is the truth something else entirely? Because it seems now that her repressed memories have everything to do with Emily and the circumstances surrounding her death.


Krishna becomes determined to find out the truth about Emily enlisting Novahk’s help in the way. But Novahk has secrets of his own, of the night when everything went wrong, and the very thing that might drive him and Krishna apart. As Krishna’s nightmares escalate into horrible flashbacks, she’s forced to confront her part in her best friend’s death.  Now Krishna must decide if she’s finally brave enough to forgive herself and let go of her past. 


First 250 words

Normal people are asleep. It’s two in the morning and normal people are dreaming, maybe of picnics or flying unicorns or other normal stuff, like getting the perfect grade or that big promotion.

I am wide awake, my comforter wrapped around me as I surf through Netflix for another movie to watch. I am not normal people.

Sometimes I wish I could be. Normal. I know the spelling: N-O-R-M-A-L. I know its meaning, but somewhere between the beginning of junior year and the night I can’t remember, I lost the essence of it.

Maybe Godzilla will finally put me to sleep or maybe it will be the evil Jack trying to kill his family that does the trick. When I do fall asleep in an unlikely scenario, my dreams are always a sliver of reality and blurred images. Nothing happens except for loud noises punctuated by murky colors. Sometimes I hear a scream, but it’s far away. And then the demon creeps in. It’s it that I am afraid of. Sometimes it slips out of my nightmares and into my reality, lying and waiting to catch me.

A sharp knock comes and I almost jump out of my skin.

Are the demons getting braver? I ask myself as I look around for the source. Maybe I’ll die as a cliché with a hand coming out of my bed and dragging me under.

Then there comes another sound, from the windows no less. The shutter is drawn so I can’t see who or what is outside.

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#SonOfAPitch – ENTRY #5 – HUNTER

Age and Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 52,000

When sixteen year old Hunter’s growing telepathic ability gets her on the government’s radar, her partner puts a gun to her head to silence the secrets of their agency that are locked in her mind. Fortunately for her, it’s not her time to die.


Surviving means making an unlikely friend with a government agent named Seeker. He’s the same agent that caused her partner to turn on her in the first place and he has a mission of his own. Bring Hunter back to the PIT alive to face judgment for the multitude of murders she’s had a part of.


After nearly escaping the PIT with a rogue telepath and having her thoughts pilfered for information against her will, Hunter learns that if she wants to clear her name she must put her life on the line to bring down Talon, the agency she used to work for.


With each passing hour becoming more perilous, Hunter must decide who to trust before her next mission becomes her last.

First 250 Words:

I was a type one telepath, a mind reader. I found the trail in people’s thoughts that led me to the bounty. Currently I was freezing to death in the middle of Seattle Washington, where the sun didn’t shine and the rain came and went like waves on the shore. I was searching for a mark that was proving to be a pain in my ass. It had been three weeks since we had taken the job and today was the closest we had been to finding her, to finding Dawn Miles.

            My heart skipped a beat when the com in my ear buzzed. “Hunter, we’re running out of time. You know what happens if someone else gets to Miles before we do. All this work would be for nothing.”

            In the bounty hunter line of work, you never knew who else was out there searching for the same prize, especially when one paid as well as this did. I exhaled and tried to calm my nerves. This one wasn’t going to get away.

            “I’m trying. There are a lot of minds to sift through.” I spoke quietly to my partner Bear, trying not to look like a crazy person. My mind was lost in the sea of people, drifting through their inner monologues, almost losing myself in their stories. Sweat dripped from my temples as I pulled myself from almost passing out.

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Title: The Last Dreamer
Category and Genre: Lower YA crossworlds fantasy
Word Count: 52,000

Fifteen year old Ivy Wilson is whisked off to Yazmine, a world similar to Earth, where she finds herself in the midst of a war threatening Yazmine’s survival and way of life. Ivy is taken in by one of Yazmine’s clans. This Native-American based clan cares for her and protects her after she comes to Yazmine. Awed by this new place, the war seems distant and unreal. Ivy grows to love Yazmine and its inhabitants and while they carry the burden of the war, she has yet to experience any of their pain. However, when Ivy is captured by Malum, a sorcerer fueled by revenge, she witnesses the effects of the war firsthand. Malum can control fire and has enough power to see Yazmine’s destruction through. When Ivy is rescued, she wants nothing more to do with this strange land. After a while, the effects of the war on others convince her to stay and she enlists in the battle to protect her newfound home, friends, and her own future. The price of war is heavy and, if any are going to survive, it must be paid.

First 250 Words:

       I had always believed in unicorns, even when the rest of the world no longer did.

       “What you writing there, Ivy?” I jumped and spun my head around to see a classmate looking over my shoulder.

       “Nothing.” I said in a shrill voice as I slammed my notebook closed. At least half the class turned around and looked at me after my outburst. I could feel myself blushing. I ducked my head and looked at the carpet. Why couldn’t they just leave me alone?

       The bell rang and I jumped again. Perfect timing! I slung it over my shoulder and raced out of the classroom. Awesome! It was time for lunch!

       I hurried into the cafeteria and over to my table of friends, bumping into a few chairs in the process.

       “Hey, Ivy,” said Amelia as I sat down.


       “How’s the story coming?” Amelia nodded at the notebook I still had cradled under my arm.

       “It’s coming.”

       “That’s good.”

       Amelia started to eat her lunch and I dug into my own as well. I started to zone out and ignore the conversation going on around me. I looked around the school cafeteria. Four grades full of students eating their food in unison. Just like every day. We were like a cow herd. The bell rang, we came to school. The bell rang, we went home. We slept, we ate, and followed the same pattern we had our entire lives. It was all one boring routine.


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Category and Genre: YA Science Fiction

Word Count: 73,000


Andrew and Christine’s first real date is going great-until they meet an energetic young woman and a brooding young man standing over glowing bomb. They cannot disarm it and God only knows what will happen should it go off. The strangers claim the teenagers are the only people who can stop it-by jumping through a portal made of fire.

Andrew finds himself inexplicably drawn to the strangers. They reveal themselves to be Keepers; Earth’s chosen guardians, given extraordinary powers by the planet itself. Curious to learn more, Andrew agrees to help and persuades Christine to join him.

The portal of fire leads to an alien world. While there, Andrew’s power to control plants begins to manifest. He is a Keeper. Joining the group means leaving his current life behind, but deep down he knows he must. Christine finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of an adventure she did not really want in the first place, but Earth insists on her involvement.

Now the Keepers need the help of Andrew and Christine. The universe is out of balance and the only way to correct it is to travel to other dimensions and collect ten dangerous artifacts called Quester Stones. The Stones are intelligent and resist efforts to find them, but without their energy, the universe will collapse in on itself.

First 250:

Andrew and Christine were at a small, roadside carnival that had come through town for the weekend of Halloween. The rides were questionable and looked as if they might fall apart at any moment. It was like they had magically appeared in empty parking lot a few hours ago. Then, right at nightfall, all the neon lights flipped on and spirited music began playing, attracting everyone to it. The food being sold was mostly puffed sugar, deep-fried, and then shoved on a stick, but it was cheap. Joyful screams occasionally rose over the crowd of people.

“What should we ride next?” Andrew adjusted the eye patch he was wearing and pushed his pirate hat down tighter on his head over his brown hair. The goofy plastic hat was constantly threatening to fall off his head. A giant skull and crossbones was painted on his shirt, completing his pirate outfit.

“The Twister!” Christine exclaimed. They had already been on the Twister three times. Their friends were lined up in front of the spinning ride, dressed in colorful costumes, from cartoon characters to superheroes.

Christine had black whiskers painted over her cheeks, a ball of white fluff pinned to her jeans, and a pair of pink and white ears over her short, chestnut hair. Andrew thought she looked great in the rabbit costume and he hoped his pirate outfit impressed her as well.

Andrew frowned as he waved his tickets in front of Christine. “We need four tickets for that and we’ve only got three.”


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