The search for Joy

For this week’s Monday motivation, I posted the saying below:

Photo Credit: Flickr by LiveLifeHappy

Photo Credit: Flickr by LiveLifeHappy


I decided to take that saying to heart and make it my challenge for the week as I worked.

Research – All the pieces are beginning to fall into place for my book’s release, including the cover, the proofing, etc. Dates and more info will be coming soon ūüôā And with that big date approaching, getting my ducks in a row was on my to-do list this week. Well, it’s Friday and¬†you may ask, are all my ducks in a row? Nope, but I’ve named them all. That was a huge step for me. Next step, learning more about each one of the ducks to line them up in the right order.

Did I find joy here? A little, yes. I felt more at ease once I identified the upcoming tasks.

Writing РI spent time with one of my WIPs this week. We worked out our differences and my progress with the story makes me proud.

Did I find joy here? Tons. The majority of the time I would have been preparing blogs went to writing. It was a much needed time shift for the week.

Life – That’s always there, requiring your presence.

Did I find joy here? Always. My family is my greatest source of joy. (And dinner with my best friend was a huge added bonus)

Preparing for a Writer’s Retreat – I’m heading out this afternoon for a weekend writer’s retreat. We were each asked to bring a food item to share that could be connected with our story (if possible). Here’s what I’m bringing:


(It’s a mini-watermelon sculpted into a brain. I saw this years ago in a kid’s Halloween craft magazine.) ¬†Oh, and besides that brain, I’ve also been busy this week preparing items to share with my group.

Did I find joy here? Yes. Creating a brain out of a watermelon helped me not take myself too seriously and there’s definitely joy in that.

There were things on my to-do list that I missed and will have to roll over to next week and there were detours and disappointments, but overall, it was a good week. When I challenged myself to find joy, it wasn’t that hard.




Daily Word Goals for Writers

Articles fill the web either preaching the benefits or warning of the detriments of assigning a number to your productivity. While setting a numerical goal for your word count is a personal preference, many of us do. (Check your twitter feed and various blogs.) We think in numbers. We quantify success.

This week, I’ve been participating in the monthly “Book in a Week” challenge hosted by the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. Each participant¬†creates their own goal and reports their¬†progress daily. In the past, I’ve created word count goals that were too lofty and I ended up more frustrated than productive. This week, I set¬†a more manageable goal for myself and have¬†exceeded that goal every day. The positive¬†environment and the camaraderie of the group has given me an added boost.

What about you?

Do you set daily goals?

Do you set weekly goals?

All part of the Journey

I’ve been holed up¬†in my editing cave for almost three weeks. This morning I saved my file one last time, uploaded it to gmail, and sent my edited manuscript back to the publisher. Hitting the SEND button brought a smile to my face. Pride and accomplishment registered, as did relief.

But wait, I needed theme music for my moment. What could perfectly capture and represent this moment?  This feeling? Well, Celebration by Kool and the Gang, Get the Party Started by Pink, and the theme from Rocky all seemed perfect.

But then I thought of

Editing is but one step of this journey. And I can’t stop believing.

Have a great Friday!