my #sonofapitch votes

In the end, I only had five votes. And while I hate that this process is so tough, that speaks volumes about the quality of talent you guys possess.

There’s not a specific order to this list.

The Ramblin’ Hand of Sherry Anne

This query and intro read like a lyrical honky-tonk tale and once it got under my skin, there was nothing I could do. Perhaps it’s because I am from the south or the fact that Sherry Anne was born with a rabbit’s foot on her hip or that she crossed paths with a meddlin’ cocaine addled fiddle player – I’m honestly not sure. But this one spoke to me in a voice I’d never heard.

Silver and Ice

The query sold me on the premise, but the voice of Ebraham made me want to take a front seat and hear tales of hunting silver tongues and maybe be there when he meets with the queen. Maybe – she seems a bit … intimidating. There was a sense of tension and elegance that swept me away.


Killer’s Day Off

This voice had detached-cleverness that I thought was exceptionally cool. I love stories where futuristic technology goes horribly wrong and people have to fight to reclaim their lives – I do, but this isn’t that. This is a genetically-enhanced android super-assassin eating a bag of Cheetos and talking to his boss about not wanting to go to work. This is one existential crisis I don’t want to miss.

The Social Season

The premise of Natalie being forced to enter a Social Season (constructed to find wives, mistresses or servants) as a punishment for being found guilty of treason as a child hooked me. To hear Nicholas not want a wife because they would just follow him around and grovel at his feet made me laugh. And the promise of romantic tension told from dual POV with distinct voices sealed the deal.

Playing God

The thought that Apollo is masquerading around in Portland, Maine as a research scientist struck me as such fun. But the voice of Apollo in the query as swearing off women of the mortal ilk and describing the way Demetria opened the bottle as if she were snapping the neck of a lab rat left me wanting more.


(If your baby isn’t on this list, please don’t feel like it’s a vote against you. It’s not. I’d become a #SonofaPitch shepherd and lead you all into the land of next round if I Katie would let me.)

I loved so much about all the stories I read… choosing was very tough. (not touch)

Don’t be a stranger.

Thank you all again for sharing your words.








2 thoughts on “my #sonofapitch votes

  1. Ooo, I saw Killer’s Day Off in #P2P16 last October. It’s so good! Excellent choice there. I would love to see that one land on my desk at REUTS Publications, even it doesn’t make it to the final round of this contest.

    So, should that author happen to see this, I’m SUPER interested in your book! Maybe consider submitting your manuscript to me? My email is kisa (@) reuts (dot) com. 😉

    Excellent choices here, Elsie. They all sound amazing and I look forward to seeing who I’m officially allowed to request more from.


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