my #sonofapitch votes

In the end, I only had five votes. And while I hate that this process is so tough, that speaks volumes about the quality of talent you guys possess.

There’s not a specific order to this list.

The Ramblin’ Hand of Sherry Anne

This query and intro read like a lyrical honky-tonk tale and once it got under my skin, there was nothing I could do. Perhaps it’s because I am from the south or the fact that Sherry Anne was born with a rabbit’s foot on her hip or that she crossed paths with a meddlin’ cocaine addled fiddle player – I’m honestly not sure. But this one spoke to me in a voice I’d never heard.

Silver and Ice

The query sold me on the premise, but the voice of Ebraham made me want to take a front seat and hear tales of hunting silver tongues and maybe be there when he meets with the queen. Maybe – she seems a bit … intimidating. There was a sense of tension and elegance that swept me away.


Killer’s Day Off

This voice had detached-cleverness that I thought was exceptionally cool. I love stories where futuristic technology goes horribly wrong and people have to fight to reclaim their lives – I do, but this isn’t that. This is a genetically-enhanced android super-assassin eating a bag of Cheetos and talking to his boss about not wanting to go to work. This is one existential crisis I don’t want to miss.

The Social Season

The premise of Natalie being forced to enter a Social Season (constructed to find wives, mistresses or servants) as a punishment for being found guilty of treason as a child hooked me. To hear Nicholas not want a wife because they would just follow him around and grovel at his feet made me laugh. And the promise of romantic tension told from dual POV with distinct voices sealed the deal.

Playing God

The thought that Apollo is masquerading around in Portland, Maine as a research scientist struck me as such fun. But the voice of Apollo in the query as swearing off women of the mortal ilk and describing the way Demetria opened the bottle as if she were snapping the neck of a lab rat left me wanting more.


(If your baby isn’t on this list, please don’t feel like it’s a vote against you. It’s not. I’d become a #SonofaPitch shepherd and lead you all into the land of next round if I Katie would let me.)

I loved so much about all the stories I read… choosing was very tough. (not touch)

Don’t be a stranger.

Thank you all again for sharing your words.








#NewRelease FLAME by A.K.Morgen #TheRagnarokProphesies

I’m very excited to announce that the long awaited (and much anticipated!) third book of the Amazon Bestselling RAGNAROK PROPHESIES series has finally arrived! Join Arionna Jacobs and Dace Matthews as they race to stop the apocalypse in this intense and emotional series by A.K. Morgen.

Read on below for all the details, including a giveaway!


Who do you trust when betrayal threatens to destroy everything you hold dear?

When Arionna Jacobs fled town in a desperate bid to save Dace Matthews, she never expected the chaos she would leave in her wake. Now her closest friend is dead, and another is missing, forcing Ari to return to face the devastating consequences of her actions and the broken boy she left behind.

Her problems are only just beginning.

Even as her bond with Dace grows stronger, Arionna finds herself weakening when Freki’s cage shatters. Fighting the wolf for control is tearing her apart piece by piece. And at every turn, she finds that those she’s put her faith in aren’t who they seem, bringing her face to face with Sköll and Hati. As the depth of their betrayal is revealed, Freki spirals out of control, and Arionna must face her greatest fear: losing herself to the fierce wolf within.

The world balances on the edge of a blade, and one wrong move will destroy it all.

With few allies she can trust and little choice left, Arionna must decide between the lives of her friends and her own future with the alpha she loves. Will she be able to stand firm for the sake of the world, or will she falter in the face of defeat? 




“Arionna, dammit, wake up.”


Unseen hands gripped my upper arms, shaking me. A familiar voice called my name over and over. Furious howls ripped through the air.


None of those sounds made sense to me.


I felt different, like I’d been taken apart and put back together in the wrong order. Everything hurt. My body ached, muscles locked tight in protest. My head throbbed. Each painful pulse rattled against my skull, sending ripples down my neck and into my back.


I groaned and rolled onto my side.


The hands shaking me relaxed.


I fought to open my eyes, then blinked, confused. Worn brown carpet scratched against the side of my face. The bottom edge of a pale blue bed-sham fluttered inches from me. Dust bunnies and small pieces of plastic were strewn beneath the sagging bed. A table and two chairs were grouped on the other side. A crack ran up the leg of one chair, splitting the wood.


None of the room looked familiar.


Where am I?


The voice calling my name stopped mid-shout and sighed.

Oh, thank god, he said.


For what? I wondered, marveling that the words came from inside my mind, but didn’t belong to me. How was that possible?


I couldn’t place the soft, silky tones either, but they made my stomach flip and my heart flutter. I knew the speaker. At least I thought I did. Before I could ask him who he was or how he spoke in my head, someone blew out a sharp breath. This time, the sound didn’t come from inside.

“Finally,” that second voice said.


Nope. Definitely not coming from my mind.


I rolled my eyes toward the relieved sound, and then frowned at the guy leaning over me. Long, dark hair hung in his face. His eyes were black, and full of concern. His features were sharp, severe, but handsome.


This time I was certain; I knew this guy.


“Ronan,” I said. His name was Ronan LaCrosse, and mine was… Arionna. Yes, Arionna Jacobs. Memory began to slowly trickle back in. We were at a motel in Illinois, looking for someone. And the howls were coming from Fuki, the little wolf we’d brought with us, though I couldn’t see him.


Where was he?


I tried to figure out why I was on the floor, but came up with a big blank.


“What happened?” I asked, looking up at Ronan.


He held out a hand for me, then pulled me into a sitting position.


The room tilted before straightening again. I clutched my head in my hands, groaning. When the initial wave of nausea passed, I tilted my head up slowly so I could see Ronan. “Did I hit my head?” I asked, trying to blink away the dark spots floating in my peripheral.


“You don’t remember?” He narrowed his eyes, tilting his head to the side like a raven assessing me.


I scooted back against the edge of the bed, frowning.


What was I supposed to remember?





A.K. Morgen is the Amazon Bestselling author of the Ragnarök
Prophesies series. She lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood
sweetheart/husband of thirteen years, and their six furry minions. When not
writing, she spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering, causing mischief,
and building a Spork army. Ayden graduated summa
cum laude
with her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and
Forensic Psychology in 2009 before going on to complete her graduate degree in CJ and Law. She currently puts her education to use in the social services and
CJ field. 

Ayden also writes New Adult and contemporary romance under the penname Ayden K. Morgen.
You can find her on 
Twitter, Facebook, or via her website at