#SonOfAPitch is back…

b36ce-soap-finalThe Son Of A Pitch pitching contest will have a third run starting February 13, 2017 and I’ve signed up to return as a host.  (Not sure what Son Of A Pitch is? Click here to visit Katie Teller’s website to learn more about the contest.)

There’s a new theme this go round…  Star Wars. You got it, anything goes from Episode 4,5,6,1,2,3,3.5…

While Star Wars is an epic story featuring favorite themes like the pull of the dark side and the evolution of a hero, I am going Droids. These unsung heroes are LITERALLY the nuts and bolt of what made some of the missions possible.


That’s right, I’m going TEAM DROID. I didn’t list any preferences on Katie’s blog for genre or audience. If you check out my Goodreads account, you’ll see I read everything from classics to steampunk to detective to romance. The one red flag I would have to raise -super scary – If that’s your cup of tea, please offer that up to Kathy Palm – Perfect fit for her.

Son of a Pitch is designed to help you beef up your first 250 words and hone your query. We’ll check the panels, tinker with switches and make sure you’re good to go. Feedback will be offered from peers, authors and then publishers will get a peek at your revised work. That’s it.

Check out the full details on Katie’s page and join us.

All It Takes by Clare Dugmore #CoverReveal

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover for Clare Dugmore’s dual-POV contemporary romance

ALL IT TAKES, scheduled for release February 14, 2017.

It’s now available for pre-order for delivery to your Kindle on release day. So, don’t wait – grab your pre-ordered copy today!
Title: All It Takes
Author: Clare Dugmore
Genre: Romance
Release Date: February 14, 2017
All It Takes is one night to change the rest of their lives.
Graduating Uni, travelling Europe and buying her own place – these are on Megan Green’s to-do list. At just twenty-two, becoming a mother isn’t.
Fast cars, expensive clothes and bedding a different women every night – this is how Kian Murphy spends his time when not in the MMA ring. Pre-natal scans and birthing classes are not on his agenda.
After a chance meeting and passionate encounter, Megan finds herself pregnant with Kian’s child. But with a womanizing reputation, and a temper that often leads him into trouble, Kian is hardly boyfriend material, let alone father material.
Now Megan and Kian must work out if they have All It Takes to turn their one-night-stand into a relationship that will connect them for a life-time.
All It Takes is a dual-POV new-adult, contemporary-romance about responsibility, love and discovering who you are in life.