End of #SonofaPitch Round 2 – my take

b36ce-soap-finalI thought I’d write a post for those folks in the Son of A Pitch contest since our time is drawing to a close. I wrote a similar post back in February, when the contest had it’s first run and was winding down. I’m not gonna lie – I was tempted to copy and paste all those words here. If you want to read the earlier post, click … Wait, maybe you shouldn’t. I might repeat myself.

Working with so many talented people has been an honor. (And that includes the amazing judges/hosts as well.)  Your creativity was daunting and the hours dedicated obvious. Quite frankly, I grew a little tired of only being allowed 250 word chunks of stories I wanted to plow through with a cup of java in hand. So, there you have it – kudos.

The voting part of the contest will conclude Round 2 of Son of a Pitch, and I gotta tell ya, that’s my least favorite part. After working with you guys and seeing edits #1 through #10, I’ve grown to care for your success, your characters and your words. (I would say you too, but that tinkers with the parallelism, so I hope that one goes without saying.) I don’t like the thought of participation medals, never have, but I find myself wanting to pass out votes like they’re nickel candy. But you and I both know that won’t do. There’s a part of me that hopes each of you are proud of putting your words out there.

So, I’ve got the next couple hours to decide how I’m going to approach handing out votes. No, strike that. You’ve all worked hard this week – trimming, rephrasing, and honing. Let’s say how I’ll be awarding votes. See, I don’t like that either. So, how I’ll be voting. I think I can live with that. I’ll swing by all spots tomorrow to make up my mind – so if you’ve got an updated version, show that baby off.

Between now and then, I’ll finish visiting the ones I’ve missed, answer any questions, and figure out my voting plan… might be on total transformation or quality of hook. It certainly won’t be based on hours vested because then I’d need a vote for all. Katie already tolerates my whines about voting, I won’t throw mutiny in the mix.

I hope you all walk away with a little more in your basket than you arrived with. I know I will. And my TBR future book list grew by leaps and bounds. If you want to let me know how your baby fares in the world, please do. I’d like that.

Best of luck to all of you and thanks for playing. Seriously.


Hades out.







3 thoughts on “End of #SonofaPitch Round 2 – my take

  1. Thank you Elsie for your hard work, guidance, eyes and ears. You have been a wonderful mentor! This process has been exhilarating and I am honored to be among those working so hard to produce something the world will hopefully one day adore. Thank you again!


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