Son of a Pitch ROUND 2


Welcome to Son of a Pitch, Week 2, version 2.0.

You remember the rule … right? 



Only comment on your own entry.


Authors will be stopping by to make suggestions, add comments or post questions about your query and first 250. The goal is to help you craft a stronger query and intro. (Taking the advice is not required.)


Here is the list of entries on Team Hades.

Entry #1 From Flame To Ash

Entry #2 Molfar

Entry #3 A Brief Illness

Entry #4 The Freshman Reinvention

Entry #5 Old Man Boone

Entry #6 Trading Stitches

Entry #7 Eden

Entry #8 The Water Child

Entry #9 Gale 

Entry #10 Soul Bound

Entry #11 Era of Echoes


And here are the OTHER entries on the OTHER sites

Elizabeth Roderick –

Samantha Bryant –

Tegan Wren –

Kathy Palm –

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