#SonofaPitch round 2 preview


Tomorrow kicks off Son of a Pitch, Week 2, version 2.0.

This week, the entries for ten eleven writers will be posted on my site. (And forty-some others will be posted on four other sites.)

Fans, family members, writing partners, average Joe’s, former teachers, and BFF’s are asked NOT to comment on other entrants’ posts. You can tweet, twerk, tweak or whatever you want to your own entry, but you cannot comment on anyone else’s. Or it will be bad.


from GIPHY

Authors will leave feedback for the entries. If I leave feedback on your entry (which I will), feel free to ask me follow up questions.

The other participating writers are: Samantha Bryant, Em Shotwell, Elizabeth Roderick, Tegan Wren, Andrea Berthot, Ayden Morgen, and Kathy Palm! The top twenty entries will be selected and posted on Friday.

Here is the list of entries on Team Hades. Links will go live tomorrow morning at 7:00-ish am (fingers crossed).

Entry #1 From Flame to Ash

Entry #2 Molfar

Entry #3 A Brief Illness

Entry #4 The Freshman Reinvention

Entry #5 Old Man Boone

Entry #6 Trading Stitches

Entry #7 Eden

Entry #8 The Water Child

Entry #9 Gale

Entry #10 Soul Bound

Entry #11 Era of Echoes


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