Son Of A Pitch Returns… and so shall I

b36ce-soap-finalThe Son Of A Pitch pitching contest will have a second run starting September 5th and I’ve signed up to return as a host.  (Not sure what Son Of A Pitch is? Click here to visit Katie Teller’s website to learn more about the contest.)

There’s a theme this go round…  Heroes and Villains. Disney Heroes and Villains, to be exact.

While the story of Hercules is one of my favorite, Herc wasn’t the one who stood out when I was making my decision.




This guy was…




That’s right, I’m TEAM HADES. How could I not chose the good ole God of the Underworld. His sidekicks are named Pain and Panic. What better terms to describe the feelings associated with writing a query letter or receiving rejections? And who better to represent that desperate feeling that you’d almost sell your soul or travel to the ends of the earth to get your book out there?  Now, publishing is not the underworld and I’m not suggesting any correlations… but…

Son of a Pitch is designed to help you beef up your first 250 words and hone your query. Feedback will be offered from peers, authors and then publishers will get a peek at your revised work. That’s it. Easy as Pie. No soul bartering required.

Not yet, anyway.




Check out the full details on Katie’s page and join us.





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