Pens and Swords by Rena Rocford

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Blurb: Seventeen-year-old
Cyra Berque wants two things in life: a date with Rochan and a chance to fence
at the Olympics. But people with one hand don’t normally fence, and girls with
big thighs don’t get the boy. Knowing that she wants to make the Olympics, Cyra’s
coach sets her up with another coach, one who could take her all the way to the
top, but the new coach costs more. Feeling her dreams slipping out of reach,
Cyra agrees to tutor a ballerina with a rich father and a D minus in English.
It’s triple the pay and triple the pain. The ballerina isn’t interested in
passing classes―she wants Rochan, and she’s promised she’ll turn her D minus
into a full-fledged F if Cyra doesn’t help her win the heart of Rochan.

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About the author:   
When Rena Rocford isn’t taking over the world one book at a
time, she can be found living out her mild-mannered life, wearing out dance
shoes, raising a herd of pets, and enjoying her time with her family in
beautiful Northern California.
You can find her on her Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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