my personal #sonofapitch factoids

b36ce-soap-finalI want to share a few factoids with you about this week… and well, me.

Factoid number one.

90% of the time, i did not read what other authors wrote about your query. (and of the 10% when I did,  5% was mostly incidental reading as result of scrolling and the other 5% for clarity – to see if previous comments shed light on my questions.)

Why didn’t I read what the others had said?

Two reasons. The first and main one… time. My goal was to see each one of your entries and decide whether I had any advice that might help you craft a better query or tighten your first 250. Having an additional set of eyes on your work can offer a new perspective  – and you sometimes get a few nuggets of wisdom that make a difference.

The second reason was so I wouldn’t be blinded by what others had seen. When dessert hits my table, only I can give the thumbs up or down. The person across from me may tell me the cake looks good or that they’ve had that very torte before and it tastes good. I’ll listen… but in the end, the verdict is up to me. I need to hold the bite in my mouth and let my senses decide whether there’s too much chocolate (as if) or just enough vanilla. Some of you may have received feedback from me that echoed what other authors said, while others may have received feedback that was diametrically opposed to their other critiques. But you know, that’s what makes this world so swell. We are all different. We have different tastes and hopes and expectations.  If you received conflicting feedback, consider yourself lucky – you didn’t just get a critique – you got a cross examination. Chose a side and don’t look back. It’s all an opinion game anyway.

Factoid number two

I’m good with math. No seriously. I’m not saying I’m a human calculator or anything, but I got the basics down pat.  So I want you all to understand that I have nineteen titles that made my top five list… yes, you read that correctly… nineteen. And I have 5 votes. That math doesn’t work. It just doesn’t.  Please take a moment to also realize that it took serious contemplation to get that list down to nineteen. This round of entries is chocked full of pretty words and smashing premises that I would spend weeks reading every title in the #SonofaPitch library. Therefore, I think the blame for my present predicament should land squarely on y’all’s shoulders.

Factoid number three

I’ve got a game plan for going forward. In just a bit, I’m backing away from all your words. Yes, the pretty, flowery, intriguing words you’ve  written that have haunted me for the past 2.5 days to escape. And then I’m going to come back  – hopefully without recollection. If you’ve updated your offerings, I’ll look for that but only if you’ve posted on the same site you were listed. I can’t hunt you down, well I could… but nope… I won’t.

Factoid number four

I have enjoyed every minute  (okay, mostly every minute) of this experience. I only hope my schedule allows me the same type of flexibility if I’m part of the next #SonofaPitch. Kudos and claps to Katie Teller for her role as mastermind and creator and to the authors in the #SonofaPitch gang who stopped by and shared their thoughts with you. I’m honored to have my name thrown around with theirs 😉

Factoid number five

The amount of work you put into pruning  and polishing your work shows.  I have been delighted (and slightly overwhelmed) by your creativity and efforts. So… Go you #SonofaPitch ers!

Factoid number six

If Twitter and WordPress had user recognition software to verify account owners, both would have thrown up that screen for me. I’m not much of a Tweeter and or a blogger,  but in the past few days I’ve tweeted more than I have…well… ever. (It’s really not that scary. And Kathy Palm, thank you for not giving up and talking to me there … 🙂 Apparently, new things won’t kill you.

Factoid number seven

All grammatical mistakes and typos were entirely mine. (If there are any in this post, it would be kind of you to overlook those.)

Final Factoid

It’s been my pleasure working with y’all this week and I’ll leave my door cracked. If I helped you and you’re in a tough spot again with your words, give me a yell. I’ll see what I can do.

Otherwise, great job. Thanks for stepping into the spotlight and sharing your work.




9 thoughts on “my personal #sonofapitch factoids

  1. Thank you so much for all your time. It has helped me immensely. Even your factoids have been helpful! I loved your suggestions and have used most of them. Should I change my entry on my blog or on the SonOfAPitch site now with my updated version?


    • That’s up to you. But two additional judges will be entering soon…so having your precious up and ready may be a good idea. (And anything on your blog is not guaranteed to be seen 😉 And I’m glad I was able to help .

      Liked by 1 person

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