#Review – Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley


Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley

I’ve followed Rebecca Bradley’s blog Murder Down To a Tea for quite a while. She has a fantastic feature she runs called What’s Your First Draft Like. Writers describe their first draft, including tips/trick/tribulations. The series is both fascinating and insightful.

Rebecca’s blog is where I learned she’d released Shallow Waters.


Shallow Waters is a gritty detective tale told with a strong female protagonist, unpredictable plot intricacies, compelling conflict on both internal and external levels and vivid descriptions (often almost too realistic). In a nut shell, Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley has it all.


The story revolves around the abduction and death of teen girls. Bradley’s voice is both  authentic and gripping and she does a great job crafting suspense along the way.

The POV is a mix of first person from Hannah Robbins and third person from other people in the story. The combination gave a personal connection to the protagonist but allows other aspects of the story to come to life and make the tale very three-dimensional. I really enjoyed that aspect of the story.

The cast of characters is very strong (as is the inner conflict she saddles a couple with that affect their decisions and actions.)

Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley is definitely worth a read.



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