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I’m pleased to Share this Guest post from Samantha Bryant with you today.

Menopausal Superheroes: An Origin Story

As a superhero fiction fan, I love a good origin story. You know: Joe Schmo was just some guy, until (cue dramatic music) (insert comic book power causing event) and his life was forever changed! When it’s done right, it can be so much fun!

My own superhero novel owes its origin story in part to my having read and seen way too many angsty teenagers find out they were special and then go out to save the world. I’m getting old. I’m not as engaged by the melodrama of teen life and the kinds of life issues that cause the very young angst. I wanted a hero I could really relate to, and she was hard to find in my comic book store.

I was kvetching about that very thing one night, out walking with my husband and the dog (when you’ve got kids, sometimes dog walking is the best way to be able finish a sentence or two). We posited that if all superheroes seem to come into their powers when they are teenagers, it must have something to do with hormones. I said something like, “If that’s the case, then menopausal women would be the most powerful people on the planet!” He laughed and told me to write it down. I did. And a book was born.

Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel is an origin story of its own. In Springfield (so named because there’s a Springfield in nearly every state, and I like the Simpsons), a non-geographically specific town in the tradition of comic book cities like Central, Coast and Hub City, four seemingly unrelated women are going through menopause. For them, it comes with some more unusual changes.

JESSICA Jessica Roark was thirty-two when she went through the change. A little young, but when it’s a choice between your ovaries or your life, hormone fluctuations are the least of your worries. Depression was a side effect she was dealing with, but the gravity of her issues is entirely different than she was expecting.

LINDA-LEONEL Linda Alvarez was always a strong woman. She and her husband had been through a lot in their twenty-five year marriage. When she started her cambio de vida at age forty-eight, she was sure they would get through it, too, side by side, just like they’d done everything else. When her new strength came with a new body, though, all bets were off.

HELENHelen Braeburn was hot under the collar after her husband of twenty years went on a motorcycle trip and never returned. His mid-life crisis turned her life upside down. Her grown daughter’s refusal to cut him out of her life wasn’t helping either. Then, when she was sixty-three, the hot flashes came, and she found a new, literal fire in the belly.

PATRICIA Patricia O’Neill had always been thick-skinned. You had to be to break through the glass ceiling and succeed in corporate life. At age fifty-eight, she was at the top of her game and had a reputation as a battle axe you didn’t want to cross. That became even more true after her changes. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

Of course, there’s a common thread, and once the women find each other and figure out what—or rather, who—that is, the hunt is on!

*artistic renderings of the characters by Charles C. Dowd

cover2500 copy

Going Through the Change is going through a change in price for a couple of days in early August. On August 5th and 6th you can get the Kindle edition for free on Amazon. Check it out at:

full-swing-computer-shoes2 copy Samantha Bryant is a middle school Spanish teacher by day and a mom and novelist by night. That makes her a superhero all the time. Her debut novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel is now for sale by Curiosity Quills. You can find her online on her blog,  Twitter, on Facebook, on Amazon, on Goodreads, on the Curiosity Quills page, or on Google+.

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