My Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

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I planned to hold myself accountable for all thirty books, which was why I joined the challenge. But in April, I find myself ahead of schedule. I think it’s a mix of good reads and good timing. That’s exciting. I might be able to squeeze in more reading than I had anticipated for the year.

Did you set a reading goal for the year?

Books I plan to read next:


Watch Me Burn The December People Series by Sharon Bayliss

The Gray Wolf Throne Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima

The Gray Wolf Throne
Seven Realms Series
by Cinda Williams Chima

How to Date Dead Guys Under the Blood Moon Series by Ann M. Noser

How to Date Dead Guys
Under the Blood Moon Series
by Ann M. Noser


9 thoughts on “My Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

  1. Ahead of Schedule ?!?! Good for you😃. I dare not measure my (lack of) progress. Such fun to see an array of book covers like this. Like walking into the chocolate shop!!


    • Oh yes. Seeing the books laid out on screen makes me a little sad that most were on my Kindle. (They’re mine … but not really…)
      I know you had a lot going on…hope you’re doing well and making progress! (and not overwhelmed 🙂


      • Thank you Elsie for thinking of me. My physical therapy is helping to get my upper back and neck back into their proper position, and pain is much reduced. I’m hoping I can sustain that when my therapy ends. It’s hard not to be blogging and commenting as much, but the computer/desk position is one of the worst for me after years at a desk job.

        I know what you mean about e-books not ‘being yours’. Touch, feel and on-the-shelf do matter with ‘favorites’. Keep reading and reviewing though. I always enjoy what you share.


      • Thanks, Elsie. Yes I had a relapse as pain got worse and worse which ‘scrunched’ my neck and upper back into firward-slouching posture I couldn’t ‘unfreeze’. The therapy is designed to re-train muscles that ‘forgot’ their purpose and reduce the chronic inflammation in the soft tissue.

        Cumulative from bike accident(s) and years of hunching over my computer at work, plus (finally) a doctor who diagnosed fibromyalgia and gave me a pill for that. It has made a big difference.

        So – for the future – I have to reduce my computer (blogging) time and discipline myself to devote time 2x a day to the isometrics and stretches that keep me upright and not hurting.

        Of course I’m not unique – gravity + injuries + desk jobs + age = upper back and neck problems !!


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