An update of sorts: Collecting my thoughts

I haven’t been blogging much about my writing progress… with the pre-Thanksgiving move and the onslaught of holiday festivities, I took a brief vacation from writing. I’d do a little bit here and there, but I wasn’t getting much traction because large chunks of time seemed hard to reserve and an uninterrupted train of thought eluded me. ( I also had a few projects to CP, a beta read or two, and even took a fabulous trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.) I felt like I needed to get settled before I wrote about writing.

During January and February, I took inventory of the projects I’d been working on before taking time off. My Scrivener files looked  like a bit like this…

Photo Credit : Mike Sayre

Photo Credit : Mike Sayre

Parts and pieces waiting patiently to be fully assembled. Somehow, I got caught up in the moment and started several projects. I hoped I could balance popping back and forth between stories as motivation and ideas stormed in and time was allowed… but thoughts were getting muddled and interest was waning. And a bin of partial projects began to feel like baggage.

And then I happened upon this:

Finish what you’re writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish it. – (#3 on Neil Gaiman’s Rules of Writing list)

So that’s what I’m doing. Having a collection of starts isn’t enough. So, I assigned each project a number and am focusing on just one at a time until they’re finished (which was an easy decision, but still requires restraint). Na Weir/Ryder and Wolfe, my retelling of Red Riding Hood which was my Nano project, moved to the first place slot. Whether I decide these babies will get to see the light of day is not a concern, my focus is on finishing.

Do you have multiple projects going on at once? What are you working on now?

Want to check out the other tips from Neil Gaiman? Click here to hop over to for the full list.

4 thoughts on “An update of sorts: Collecting my thoughts

  1. I’m writing a sequel to a story I just finished and working on getting the rest of Path of Angels edited so I can send them off to an editor and then get released. I try not to work on too much at once because I’ll get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.


  2. Ugh -a jolt of reality. I have so many smoldering irons in the fire I’m paralyzed – all at my own initiative. Right now the must-do’s come first and none of those entail writing!! But soon, I will bend an ear to you and Neil and pull out my half-hearted musings.

    Good luck with your own ‘finishes, Elsie!!


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