Monday’s Motivation


Today’s post is more gratitude than motivation.

Gratitude to authors for :

the worlds they create

the stories that pull me in

the tales that leave their mark

the characters I want to hug

the characters I really hate

the scenery that blows my mind

the tragedy that brings me tears

the humor that makes me laugh


the joy of the escape


Greetings from Harry Potter World. 

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Motivation

  1. I was just there about a week ago with my son and I felt the same way! There is something special about visiting a place that had become such a huge part of my children’s childhood! Reading creates wonderful memories! Enjoy!
    (((HUGS))) to you my friend!


    • Lisa 🙂 Yes! It was an amazing experience to wander around the world created in a book !! (right down to the Butterbeer and chocolate frogs!) We loved it.
      Many hugs coming back your way! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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