the talent, the voice, the creativity, and the kindness… today’s blog visits

Photo Credit: Flickr by John Keogh

Photo Credit: Flickr by John Keogh

It’s Friday morning and I’m supposing to be packing for a trip (I’m going to Hogwarts… no, seriously… I. Am. Going. To. Hogwarts!), but instead I’ve been playing catch up. As I was visiting a few blogs this morning, the talent, the voice, the creativity, and the kindness of those around me hit me.


So I thought I’d share:

First stop, Taylor Grace. Taylor has embraced this wonderful concept of Paying It Forward to spotlight bloggers and authors every Friday. Please go by and check out her blog about Victoria Davenport. While you’re there, please check out Taylor Grace’s other posts. Especially this one :   –

Next, Sammy D‘s blog. Over at Bemuzin, Sammy blogs about art, writing, grand-parenting, adventures and just life in general. The post I read this morning is so well suited for January. Struggling with guilt over resolutions? Please, stop by.

And Abby J Reed – Abby blogs about books, art, and writing. She just hosted a blog tour stop where there’s a chance to grab a $25 Amazon gift card. Stop by and make sure you check out her art work (and her writing). (Probably should mention she’s not just a dear friend, but one of my stellar CP’s)

Stop by Patricia Lynne’s spot too! Patricia does a bang up feature with flash fiction (which is not just entertaining but educational!) You can also check out her two books while you are there!

Christina Wojo’s blog called My Sweet Delirium hosts a veritable cornucopia of topics. (Any 80’s Saturday Night Live fans out there?) From uplifting to thought-provoking to giveaways and book talk , Christina’s blog often leaves me with profound thoughts that simmer. Her latest blog is just a review of sorts, but she has a fantastic voice.

And to round out my morning visits, I stopped by Kathy Palm’s place. Kathy’s blog is like this crazy roller coaster of magic and energy and honesty and laughter that makes her so darn lovable. And she’s talented… both an artist and a writer…  she’s got mad skills. Check out her October stories. Seriously. (and ahem… another fabulous CP)

There are tons of fabulous blogs I follow, but I’m short on time.

I’m off  to tackle everything on my to-do, which still includes packing.

Have a great Friday!

4 thoughts on “the talent, the voice, the creativity, and the kindness… today’s blog visits

  1. Thank you, Elsie!! You are too kind 😊. You wrote such engaging snippets about each blogger, i am going to visit each today and will thsnk you in advance fir directing me to them!! Safe travels 💥


  2. Awwww, thanks for the shout out. Also, when you emailed me saying you were going to Florida and might not get around to beta reading my stories, you didn’t say you were going to Hogwards, so OF COURSE I DON’T EXPECT YOU TO GET ANYTHING OF MINE READ. WHY WOULD YOU?????? 😉 Have fun.


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