My 2014 reading list

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I read a lot of great books in 2014. Stories that took unexpected turns and made me admire the bravery of the writer like Between Octobers by A. R. Rivera or twisted fairy tales that morphed into wonderful and unique retellings like Divide by Jessa Russo or adult fantasies that were a brilliant mix of flawed characters and a magical storyline like Destruction: Book One of the December People Series by Sharon Bayliss.

But of all the books I read during the year, I found myself thinking about the following most often:

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. Sutter Keeley was such a complex and damaged character that settled deep in my heart and forced me to root for him, even when he couldn’t see his own destructive behavior needed to change.

Catalyst by Adam Wolf. A fascinating tale that combines aspects of Heroes (the TV series) and Push (written and directed by David Bourla). Loved the storyline, the creativity and the characters. Am hoping a part two will emerge.

Wind Up Hearts by Stan Swanson. Henry and Emily’s love story is as complicated as the mechanical devices that replaced their hearts. But the gears and cogs aren’t keeping Henry alive, it’s his genuine devotion and love for Emily. Holding the key to someone’s heart will forever have a new meaning.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Roswell. Roswell created the perfect eighties teen love story that did not shy away from difficult topics.

What were your top reads for 2014?

5 thoughts on “My 2014 reading list

  1. Elsie!! I’m so happy you shared this. I loved Eleanor and Park, and I’m adding The Spectacular Now and Wind Up Hearts to my 2025 list. I have developed a new (and envious) appreciation for writers like you who have mastered the art of book reviews. I have no problem being specific about books I don’t like, but I struggle to do the same with those I want to recommend.

    My post from yesterday includes some of my 2014 favs.

    Happy New Year!


  2. I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked in 2014. Mostly because it seemed like the day job had me running around and I felt too exhausted to want to get emotionally engaged in a book like I knew I would. I missed a bunch of TV shows for the same reason. Maybe 2015 can be my catch up year.


    • James,
      Wow, Life After Life sounds like a very intriguing read! Are there other books coming out before May that you’re looking forward to as well? I still have a few 2014 books I have to get to! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great one!


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