I’m back… kinda…sorta


Photo Credit: Flickr by Eleanor Martin

So, getting back into the swing of things after the move has proven to be more difficult than I expected. My intention was to take off a few days to get organized, but those few days morphed into a few weeks. I have to blame part of my absence on technology. The few posts I was able to manage were part of a slow and painful process. Want to know the best way to appreciate fast wifi?

Deal with no wifi or slow and spotty wifi

When you’re accustomed to having pages load within seconds and the ability to access wifi from any spot in your house, slow and unruly wifi signaling causes such a headache. Apparently the in-line DSL filter and splitter (the tiny box that was attached to our phone line at the old house) was a much needed item for the move. I wasn’t sure about removing it… didn’t want to leave the next home owners without a device that should have been there… so  I left it… Our internet provider suggested I replace it before troubleshooting because that was probably the root of all evil as far as our crappy signal went. So after a visit to the big store they suggested I try and finding they did not have this in stock, I ended up ordering one online.

I have to confess that no wifi was a bit liberating.  Being non-communicado felt like;

Photo Credit: Flickr by Riza Nugraha

Photo Credit: Flickr by Riza Nugraha

However… liberation became limitation when we needed to get things done.

Photo Credit: Flickr by xprogrammer

Photo Credit: Flickr by xprogrammer

Funny how perspectives can change like that.

I’m glad to report that with the new in-line splitter attached, we are seeing improvement. It’s still not as fast as the last house, but I’m sure there are more kinks that require attention. Got to choose the battles carefully and one at a time.

So, I’m excited to be fully back on-line and just in time for the holiday schedule to get everything out of whack again. Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “I’m back… kinda…sorta

  1. Technology snafus can be the worst! Even if they are liberating, we’ve gotten so accustomed it’s hard not to have QUICK access.

    I’ve been in a writing slump, but making up for it by reading (that counts, right?). I keep telling myself it’s ok, no one is standing iver me with a whip. The things we think of to heap guilt on ourselves!


    • Sammy, I agree. Hard to tell when technology will be fast enough, but certainly obvious when it’s not 🙂 Sorry you’ve been in a writing slump, but I think reading counts for double duty. (I’m bad about self inflicted pressure as well. Why must nonessential standards and goals exist?) Hope the reading has provided an escape or enrichment… or both 🙂 Any good titles to share?
      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 Have a great one.


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