Boo! It’s the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop

3040765_origTo celebrate Halloween, I joined the Trick-or-Treat Halloween Book Blog Hop hosted by Patricia Lynne.

My book, The Undead: Playing for Keeps, is currently on sale at Amazon for 99 cents to celebrate Halloween in a Spooktacular sale by my publisher, Curiosity Quills. Click the link to grab your copy!

Or if you’d like a chance to win a free ebook of The Undead: Playing for Keeps, please leave a comment about your favorite book as your trick-or-treat. I’ll draw winners names… randomly throughout the day and send a few winners an ebook.


The Undead Synopsis:

When an undead woman with serious de-comp issues stalks sixteen-year-old Lyla Grimm, her hope of rescuing her rock-bottom reputation takes a back seat. Especially once Lyla’s new talent of resurrecting the dead draws the attention of Eric, a Grim Reaper with a guitar and a chip on his shoulder.

While Lyla navigates the gossip-ridden halls, Eric works to gain her trust and discover why Death’s clients aren’t staying down. If she passes on her gift, his death-messenger destiny might be altered. But the closer he gets to Lyla, the less sure he is of his plan. The dead are way easier to deal with than the living.

Gossip explodes, the Grimm family implodes, and desperation sets in. Death wants the gift and a soul. Lyla and Eric face hard choices with hidden consequences. Sometimes life’s choices aren’t really choices at all.

If you take advantage of the 99 cent price at Amazon and buy my ebook (or a paperback), email me proof of purchase, I’ll pick a few winners and send you a bookmark for The Undead. My email address is elsieelmorewriter (at) gmail (dot) com.


Happy Halloween!

Please stop by the blogs of the other authors participating in the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop and score more free books for Halloween.


8 thoughts on “Boo! It’s the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop

  1. I don’t have a single favorite Halloween book. I do love Stephen King. When he had his SK Library going, I was a member. I have loved pretty much everything he’s written, though there have been a few books I’ve liked far less than others. My all time favorite creepy reads, though, are The Shining and It.


  2. Wahoo! How awesome on the $0.99 sell!

    You ask me to pick a favorite book, but as I’m scanning through my list of reviewed books…800+ long, there’s no way I could narrow it down to one. I guess my favorite book depends on my mood.


  3. Hi Elsie! Thanks so much for inviting me to take part in this blog hop!

    Favorite book… oh ye gods, there are so many, I could never choose 🙂

    Happy Halloween! I’m looking forward to reading The Undead!


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