I’m a WIP

Photo Credit: Flickr by 呉 松本

Photo Credit: Flickr by 呉 松本


A real Work-in-Progress

Every industry, hobby, and niche in our lives has its own lingo. As a writer, the acronym WIP represents a Work in Progress. It’s a story caught in the developmental stages of becoming a novel. (First draft or final edits or somewhere there in between.)

Like many of my stories, I consider myself a “Work in Progress” when it comes to writing. I take classes, read blogs and books on the craft, attend conferences, and work with other writers to learn. Each day that I sit down to write, I grow. Each day I sit down to read, I learn.

My debut book The Undead: Playing for Keeps was written in first person, present tense. For that specific story, the voice and tone were best represented by those choices. First person POV allows you to be inside the MC’s head and so you know everything they know, you see what they see, and hear what they hear. It’s a personal connection, but revealing information can be tricky with this POV. I like first person, but it does have limitations.

For my most active story, I chose third person, past tense because I needed to branch out and experiment with other perspectives. I chose third person to create distance at times, which first person doesn’t allow. Will the end product remain in third person when it reaches the final stages? I’m not sure, but the exposure and the experience of writing in different POV’s and different verb tenses helps me better understand the craft. You see, you have to take the wrong road to realize you need to change your path.

Don’t be scared or intimidated to experiment with other styles, POV’s, and verb tenses within the same manuscript. You may find when you flip the POV or use another verb tense that the shift breathes new life into your story. We are the product of our experiences, and that’s one way we grow. Allow yourself the chance to be a work-in-progress.

Photo Credit: Flickr by Celestine Chua

Photo Credit: Flickr by Celestine Chua 

While this writing adventure solidly began for me about five years ago, I am nowhere near my destination. Publishing a book isn’t the destination, it’s just part of the journey for this work-in-progress.

Want to read a few tips on writing? Check out these blogs and articles:

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http://avajae.blogspot.com/2014/08/stop-overthinking-and-just-write.html – Love Ava Jae’s blog

http://wp.me/p435Ln-yI – This was a blog I wrote and contains tips for unpublished authors from published authors whom I’ve interviewed.

http://dailydahlia.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/an-unauthorized-guide-to-being-a-debut-author-part-i-pre-promo/ – Dahlia shares great info

5 thoughts on “I’m a WIP

  1. I loathe acronyms, but force myself to deal with them. I’m old enough that WP didn’t stand for WordPress, it stood for Word Perfect. Never had a problem with WIP.

    I always claimed writing was more of a journey than a destination. My current work is better than my older stuff. My future projects will be even better.

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  2. Elsie – we truly are all WIPs.

    thanks for your wonderful tips and additional resources. I love what quality writers, including you!, have to say about our craft (as I timidly seek to qualify for that status).

    Before WP was WordPress, and before it was Word Perfect, it was Work Papers. As in an accounting auditors’ written documentation of the audit procedures we performed on our clients’ financial records.

    I like WP = word Press best if all 🙂

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  3. Great post. I’m currently writing in first person but I could do with trying out third. I think I’d struggle at first because it’s so different but you’re right, to learn the craft we must practice and experiment. Thanks. 🙂


    • Changing POV’s is definitely different and sometimes challenging, but I find I can incorporate more information in third. (However, I’ve gone back and played with first person after third person and feel more connected with the scene.) Good luck 🙂


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