A touch of Jimmy Fallon fan-girling

I grew up watching the great late night shows. Okay, I’m going to date myself… but I have to acknowledge Benny Hill, Johnny Carson, and Saturday Night Live (Yes, when Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, and the other stellar comedic geniuses were there). Being tired the next day was worth every last yawn because these guys (and gals) were talented. Gifted, really.


Photo Credit: Flickr by Greta PPP

Photo Credit: Flickr by Greta PPP

But over the years, I found that late night programming wasn’t as strong as I remembered. Occasionally on a sleepless night, I would catch Conan O’Brien or Jay Leno, but I never found myself wanting to stay up to watch late night shows by choice.


Photo Credit: Flickr by Incase

Photo Credit: Flickr by Incase

And then The Late Night torch was passed on to Jimmy Fallon. I remember when he showed up on Saturday Night Live. I’d even seen his own show a few times (again on sleepless nights, not to mention the YouTube viewings of the “History of Rap”). But I was unprepared for how he was going to shake up late night. Because he has.

I would love to say he has really capitalized on the secrets of success, but I can’t say that’s true. I think he’s winning over droves of people because he’s humble, he’s got great comedic delivery, his guests appear at ease with him, his games/challenges are a hoot, his sidekick Higgins adds wonderfully to the banter, and Roots offers a style and personality of their own. It’s like the perfect storm of entertainment.

And truth be told, cause it always needs to be… I still can’t stay up and watch him. The Tonight Show airs past my bedtime. But my DVR is set to record his show every single night.

If you’re looking for an hour of great entertainment, check out The Tonight Show… because Jimmy Fallon kinda rocks!


4 thoughts on “A touch of Jimmy Fallon fan-girling

  1. LOL LOL Totally awesome post!! I agree – Jimmy Fallon is a breath of fresh air as an unassuming, slightly awkward and shy host AND I can’t stay up that late either!! I loved this hilarious video; now I want to be in a lip synch contest – maybe family night 🙂 I think I’ll have to DVR this like you do.

    Great post!

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  2. I LOVE Jimmy Fallon! I love everything he does. He’s so funny and he always does the best interviews of my favorite celebrities. I love how he’s all inclusive in his humor and doesn’t take cheap shots.
    I also DVR is show, and every Friday night, the husband and I do a marathon to watch the monologues.

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