Survival tips for rip currents

Photo Credit: Flickr by Adam Fagen

Photo Credit: Flickr by Adam Fagen

Our first family “quest” this summer landed us at a beach dotted with rip current warning signs. Rip currents are treacherous alleys of water that run perpendicular to the water’s edge. They’re strong enough to cut through breaking waves and can occur at any beach. The public service posts gave information about the dangers of these currents and provided helpful tips on how to react if pulled in.

The main objectives for a person pulled into a rip current were:

don’t fight it

swim parallel and then swim to the shore

if the pull is too strong, tread water and ride it out

call for help

For the past month, my life felt like it turned into a rip current. Activities, changes, shifts, good news, bad news, and adaptations all seemed to land in my lap during a small window of time. I’m not complaining. It was just a lot… at once. When the storms started to settle, I realized that I’d been using the tips I saw posted on the beach to help me navigate my way through the onslaught of “stuff.”

To survive, I:

didn’t fight the overload,

I changed directions from time to time,

I let the critical issues take first dibs at my time so I could continue to move toward the goal (I rode it out)

And although I didn’t call for help, I asked patience 😀 (I’ve been a little MIA from posting as much on my blog and visiting others bloggers.)

One of the “current” pulls has been the upcoming release of my book The Undead, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been writing guest posts that will be scattered across the web starting this Thursday and preparing for a book signing.  (I’ll post a list of those blog stops tomorrow in case you want to pop over and check them out.)

Life is good, but wow, it can be overwhelming at times. (Hence the Monday’s Motivation on stress.)

So remember, if you get caught in a rip current (on or off the beach),

don’t fight it

change direction

ride out the worst and wait for the calm

call for help


One thought on “Survival tips for rip currents

  1. Such a good lesson with the riptide and safety measures. Kudos, congratulations and sustaining strength to you as you swim your way through this book launch. I hope you are very proud of yourself for managing what sounds like a hectic few months and for keeping your head anove water. May your book be a great success for you, Elsie.


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