Monday’s Motivation

While walking on the beach this past week, my husband and I were approached by three young girls. They asked if we’d like to pick a free seashell from the vast assortment they’d collected and carried in two small pails and a net. I didn’t want to take a shell because I was talking and preferred not to have to carry it while we walked.  I thanked them for their offer and politely declined.

But as the three young girls made their way down the shore extending the same offer to other vacationers. I kicked myself for the missed opportunity… for not slowing down… for not participating in their adventure… for not saying yes.


There are times in our lives when a simple yes can change a few moments in someone’s day.  That someone might be you.


Photo Credit: Flickr by Kim Seng

Photo Credit: Flickr by Kim Seng

It’s Monday… will you say yes?

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Motivation

  1. Good reminder, Elsie. When we golf, there is usually a kid-run lemonade stand somewhere along the course. My husband always stops and buys a cup of it, and if he gets “good service” he tips a little extra. Then when we’re out of sight he dumps the lemonade because he doesn’t want to drink it. The first time, I thought, “what a waste of $$” but then I realized what he is teaching the kids.

    It is hard, though, in the situation you were in because you were immersed in your own world. Sometimes we don’t adjust in time. But there have been occasions like you describe where I would have run after the girls, said I changed my mind and asked for a seashell.

    You wrote about something so simple but with ripple effects on us and those around us. Well done!


  2. A couple weeks ago, I was a vendor at a sidewalk sale. Hubby stopped by and I got a moment to wander. There were these two kids, one was asking people to sign his arm, the other a napkin. I had no idea why, but when asked, I thought why not and signed the napkin. I still don’t know why, but I hoped I helped those kids enjoy their game.


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