Covers: An appreciation for first glance

Creating a book cover requires choosing the right image to represent your story. My appreciation for book covers grew after I started writing and  sky rocketed once I had to think about my own. But truth be told, I’ve always been drawn to book covers. I like studying the image on the cover and identifying my visceral reaction. Is the image captivating? What does it convey? Why did they choose this specific scene or character for their first impression?

I’ve signed up with a couple of book tour blogs so I can participate in cover reveals and promoting new releases. I do this  to help get the word out about upcoming books, but also so I can get a peek at the cover.

When I began the process of designing my cover, I was torn between symbolism and scenes, characters and concepts. Both work really well but it depends on the book and the graphic artist.

Here’s a recap of the covers I have helped reveal (including my cover), covers of books that I’ve hosted during their release, and ones I used in blog posts over the past few months. (For more information about each book, click on the cover.)

Ruined Accession The Curse Merchant Ebook Cover2 66a05-torturedsouls_1600x2400 The Undead Cover b6bf8-soullesswebmedkindle alls well that ends well-high 3d4da-bbfofficialcover View of storm seascape SticksStones EE E-book Cover Cover Artful eCover 88cd8-whenifall_frontcover cover2500-3 trm-reveal Awaken_ebook Crane The_Book_of_Bart_WIP4-241x300 2f5ef-keepers hidden depths cover_ LuthiersApprentice_med kiya 0a986-dividee-bookcover perf6.000x9.000.indd b8aca-destruction-sharonbayliss Virtual_Immortality_FB Charming K Wade perf6.000x9.000.indd a0446-drskindeepcopy Fairy 3064b-6x9heirs2cover e3ddd-daeganfinalonline 729a9-shattered-secrets-m4 18-truths-high-resolution-image3 CopiedCOVERlowerRes cover10004-210x300 The-Charge-Cover-copy-193x300 cover10002-200x300
cover25003 cover2500-200x300 cover10001-200x300 Fall_Large-208x300 6913298






























Do you prefer concept over character? What stands out most when you look at a books’ cover?

11 thoughts on “Covers: An appreciation for first glance

    • Concept covers are very intriguing 🙂 I need to interview you so I can add your lovely covers to my collection (feeling a little like Gollum/Smeagol) The fonts & back grounds you used for Prophecy of Stones and The Queen’s Jester are awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by and the RT 🙂


  1. The two I clicked were Soulless and Virtual Immortality. I’m not sure why … I guess the concepts just appealed to me? I love clocks on covers for some reason, and anything with “virtual” and “immortality” in the title has to be awesome, right? 😀


    • Michelle,
      Those are two beautiful covers. I think the Virtual Immortality has a real edge to it with the teal.
      I love how the titles impacted you too. Very interesting!!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)


  2. Fascinating covers and topic!! I never gave the covers much thought until seeing Cover Reveals on blogs, which is an odd statement because cover subjects and designs actually play a big role in which books I pick up while browsing a book store or library.

    Since I read physical rather than e-books, I pay a lot of attention to the look and feel of the cover, the inside cover blurb, the typeset, and the feel of the pages. I rarely give credence to the quotes from other authors that are meant to hype the book.


    • Sammy, Since getting a kindle for christmas, i’ve read more ebooks lately. But there’s something special about those moments when you’re holding the book in your hand and determining whether’s you’re going to give it a try. So do you have a concept, character, or scene preference for covers?

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


      • I’m not sure, so I looked at my “favorites” shelf. Most novels have a scene of some sort, but rarely a person in the scene. Actually now that I think as I write, I prefer NOT to see a character photo or illustration. I much prefer not to have a visual of the character and be able to draw my own mental visual from the written description of the character’s looks and persona.

        That’s probably why I forego seeing many movies if I’ve read the book. The casting and personalities onscreen rarely match the visual I’ve already created.

        That might make me old-fashioned, but … Well I am kind of “dated”!!


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