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Thanks to Caffe Maggieato 🙂 over at  Just Get it Written and Jo Ann Matthews, I’ve been asked to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop. Caffe Maggieato has a great blog full of interviews, writing news, and uplifting content. JoAnn and I crossed paths through the HCRW group. JoAnn is a professional freelance writer and gives  presentations about writing and photography to both high schools and adult groups. Please check out these very talented writers and their amazing blogs!


Photo Credit: Flickr by Stephanie Wallace

Photo Credit: Flickr by Stephanie Wallace

Now, on with the blog hop…

What am I working on? Ahem… I suppose the answer should be focused on my writing since this is a writing blog hop, but my focus over the past month has been getting my house in order. It’s going on the market this week and now has 7 rooms and 4 ceilings with new paint, has undergone a thorough decluttering, and all the flower beds have been mulched. However, in the midst of the madness, I did manage to finish a draft of a magical realism ms that is now waiting patiently for my mind to clear and my hands to heal. And with the help of other bloggers, I revealed my cover last week for The Undead:Playing for Keeps. When the chaos around me settles, I’ll begin edits on the magical realism ms and continue working on the two other manuscripts that are too young to be given names. (I must protect the innocent.)

How does my work differ from others in its genre? Two cooks would not prepare an identical dish given the same ingredients and I feel the same logic applies to stories as well. We all have different voices that surface through our writing. I write the stories that come to me without questioning the means by which they arrive. Sometimes they’re fun stories that defy nature and sometimes they are serious stories that address struggles. My work differs because it’s mine.

Why do I write what I do? I write because it brings me an inner peace by satisfying the need to create. And I truly enjoy the process of building a tale from the ground up. I guess, quite simply, writing fulfills a need.

How does my writing process work?  Gah… I myself am a Work in progress when it comes to my writing (and life). I am a combination of a pantster and a plotter. I organize my idea, understand the direction, do some character detailing, and then I am off. Each story I write has more work accomplished on the outline and this helps with execution of the story line and details, but I’m evolving and ever learning as an author. I suspect that in a couple of years, the process by which I write may have changed completely. Efficiency is a goal that is often lost in my own madness.

Now for my nominees to share their writing processes:

Abby J. Reed

Melody Winter

Ann M. Noser

Want to join the fun and share your writing process?






2 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Hop

  1. Congratulations, Elsie!

    Gah. :-). I hope your house sells with relatively few snafus and you are soon ensconced in your new living space.

    You are so right about writers – we are the same and different, and uniquely ourselves. Always!

    Liked by 1 person

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