Jealous of a Road Trip

Thanks to novels (like Michael Scott’s series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) and movies (like National Treasure), I have a bucket list of places in the US that I’d like to visit. Not to necessarily reenact the scenes at those specific location (although I’m not ruling that out), but to experience the view for myself. Making the list, in no particular order, are: San Francisco, CA, New Orleans, LA, Honolulu, HI, Seattle, WA, and Philadelphia, PA. (This is not the complete list.)

A few weeks ago, my sister called and said she and her hubby were taking a road trip to New Orleans.

I was floored.

And then I was jealous.

New Orleans, really? That city is packed with such a rich history and is swimming in legends and secrets. Not to mention, it’s on my list of places to visit. (Thanks to a book by Denise Alvarado.) My sister offered to hit some of the sites I really wanted to see and take pictures. (Her hubby is amazing with a camera.)

Here are some of the great photos the talented Mike Sayre took during their trip.

Below are pictures from the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1. (This is one of the sites that Marie Laveau and her daughter are supposedly buried.)

Laveau site 1 Mary enhanced-2 vaults sepia St Louis 1 entrance view curves plus New Orleans Day 3 ducks

And the infamous Bourbon Street. As I looked through the remaining photos, I decided that I’d definitely be making this trip without kids 🙂10431684_10203909506124120_4963521625033788046_n 10349966_10203909505764111_9012300944208065011_n 10433090_10203909505724110_6687816197542986939_n 1511095_10203909506604132_4241166862948195727_n


Do you have a bucket list of places you’d like to visit? What tops your list?

11 thoughts on “Jealous of a Road Trip

  1. I want to go to the fairy pools in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. SO MUCH! I want to see old castles in Ireland. I’d love to go to Hawaii. A little hope, faith and pixie dust and we’ll get there! 🙂


  2. I want to go to Savannah and the Outer Banks – Pat Conroy and Anne Rivers Siddon country. You’re making a good choice to (sometime) visit N’awlins without the kids – not that there aren’t kid-friendly things to do, but the parts you want to explore are best inhaled by hours of quiet sitting while New Orleans teems around you, and hours of slow strolls to admire every scroll of ironwork and peek in every hidden garden.


    • Sammy,
      Wow, love your description of how to best take in N’awlins :D. Quite poetic! Hidden gardens sound a little bit like Charleston and sigh-worthy. Can’t wait!
      We saw Savannah a few years ago and did the carriage tour. Breath taking 🙂 Gorgeous architecture.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Have a great one.


      • LOL the funny thing is I didn’t even like N.O. that much the time I visited! I have no idea where this flowy verbage came from – i must have been channeling Pat Conroy 🙂


  3. I’ve been to New Orleans twice. Hubby’s parents live only a few hours away so they took us a few times. We didn’t go to any of the cemeteries though. Maybe if we go again, I’ll request that.
    I’d love to go see the giant sequoias in the West and see some of the East coast that has to do with the start of our country.


    • How fortunate that they live close 😀 My sister said the cemeteries had a spooky vibe that had her hair standing on end. I definitely want to go now.
      I love your coast to coast idea. I think out country has a ton of cool places to visit.
      Since we live in NC, we’ve been to Roanoke and Jamestown and a few of the other historical sites. Still much to be seen!

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • Rebecca,
      Mine goes on for a while too. (I probably have more places I’d like to see than I have time to actually see them.)

      Gotta dream big, right?

      Hope you had a great weekend 😀


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