My cover is complete

So, deep breath. My cover is finished.

Photo Credit: Flickr by Bill Gracey

Photo Credit: Flickr by Bill Gracey

Last December, I wrote a blog post about covers, (you can read it here).  I had just signed with Curiosity Quills, and at that point, I was trying to decide whether I wanted a symbol on the cover or a scene with a person. I looked at covers for way too many hours and found great examples of each. ( I even highlighted some great covers from books published by Curiosity Quills on my blog that day.)

I thought I knew what I wanted.

But when the time arrived to work with a graphic artist, I realized that what I wanted, or what I thought I wanted, didn’t translate the way I’d hoped. (And it wasn’t for lack of trying on Alexandria Thompson’s part.) So, we stepped back from the original idea and ended up with a cover that captures the tone of the story very well. Alexandria was great to work with during the entire process. (Click here to visit her GothicFate site and see her amazing creations.)

Why does all this matter? According to a poll from The Book Smugglers, seventy-nine percent of folks said that covers matter in the final decision about buying a book. (Great info about covers from The Book Smugglers. Click here to read about the survey and all the results.)

In case you’re at the point of thinking about book covers in your journey, here are a few take aways.

1. Analyze your story and its meaning. What are the colors, smells, and  feelings associated with your story?

2. Have you looked around? Visit the Goodreads listopia section for covers. The compilation is a variable cornucopia (any old Saturday Night Live fans out there?) of options that you can peruse.

3. Trust your artist. And trust your gut.

What do you like to see on a cover?

Would you like to help with my cover reveal on July 23rd? If so, please click here to sign up. Many thanks.



8 thoughts on “My cover is complete

    • Thanks so much. I keep the file open in Preview so I can reference back to it every so often 🙂

      And thanks for the offer to help with the cover reveal. I’d love to take you up on the offer. I’ll send you an email.


  1. Congratulations on having the cover complete! I love that moment when your book finally has something visual to represent it to the world! I’ve signed up to help with the reveal too. Can’t wait to see what you and your designer created!


    • Thanks, Skye. Alexandria did a great job and incorporated the key elements needed to represent the story. I’m excited to share. Waiting may be difficult.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great one.


    • Thanks, Patricia. Would love to know about the cover that didn’t make it. 🙂 Translating thoughts into pictures was harder than I imagined!

      And thanks for signing up for the cover reveal 🙂 I appreciate your help. Hope you had a nice weekend!


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