Cover Reveal: Hidden Depths by Elizabeth Smart

hidden depths cover_Being a teenager is hard, especially when a demon wants your soul.

Chelsie Bryant is the star in her hometown. So why does she feel invisible? Surrounded by fake friends who know nothing about her, she hasn’t felt a real connection in a very long time. All that changes when she locks eyes with a stranger at a party. As their feelings grow, she realizes another girl has already laid claim on his heart.

She doesn’t have time to deal with her normal teen issues, though. A nightmarish demon stalks her, determined to claim her soul. And the guy who holds her heart in his hands is the only one who can get her out alive. As she begins to question who she can trust and who her real friends are, she comes face to face with her worst fear. Chelsie must figure out how to keep the darkness from destroying her—inside and out.

Coming May 19th!


d4929-907001_777868011082_310478684_oElizabeth has a
near crippling Facebook addiction, dwarfed only by her need for Dr. Pepper. A
self-proclaimed techno geek, she
loves cell phones, computers, tablets and all things technological. The
internet has to be the greatest invention since the wheel, in her opinion. She
lives in a quiet subdivision with her husband, one-year-old son, three cats,
and far too many electronics. It’s quite possible she has some raccoon in her
DNA, because she loves glitter and anything that sparkles. She enjoys making
jewelry and costumes. Halloween is her favorite holiday since it’s the one day
of the year that you can be whatever you want. But her first love will always
be writing. Otherwise, hearing voices in her head would make her feel schizophrenic.



Author, artist, and world-renowned chatterbox. I’m everywhere! And now I’m Google-able!

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