Z is for Zero

Z is for Zero and that’s how many days are left in the A to Z blogging challenge.

Photo Credit: Flickr by Anne

Photo Credit: Flickr by Anne

Zero, like other numbers, represents more than just a quantity. It can also represent a goal, a tolerance, or a thresh hold. And reaching this number can elicit different responses.

Zero can be a disappointment when:

it’s the balance of your checkbook, it’s the amount of weight you lost during a week of dieting and strenuous exercise, it’s the number of rsvp’s returned to an event you’re hosting, or it’s the amount of work you accomplishย when a deadline approaches.


But by the same token, zero can be a reason for celebration when:

it’s a countdown to a special visit or trip, it’s the number of items left unchecked on your to-do list, it’s the percent error on your lab calculations, or it’s the balance left on your credit card.

Today, I’m celebrating zero because it signifies the completion of a challenge. And wow, what a month this has been.

Congratulations to all theย A to Z challenge participants! And thanks to everyone who stopped by and left encouraging words during the blog challenge. I hope you’ll be back.


24 thoughts on “Z is for Zero

    • Congratulations to you too!!
      it was a long month but I’m glad I ventured out a little to other blogs. I need to do that more often and this was a great experience.
      I look forward to seeing your “regularly scheduled programming.” ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Nice post, and congrats! I’m wrapping up with a few visits..the 5 per day per letter, as I was out of town the last couple of days. I do want to truly finish by making the 5 per letter visits. Am continuing to blog a-z in May also.


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