Resources for Queries

For a writer, the word query has several definitions and forms.

It can be a verb: I queried my book.

It can be a noun: My fourteenth query finally caught someone’s eye.

It can be an adjective: I am in query hell.

Queries can range from “fun writing exercise” to “reason all my hair falls out” to “bane of my existence.”

But if you’ve reached the point of needing to query, stop and congratulate yourself because that means you’ve completed and edited a manuscript. You’re already ahead of the game.

To write a really great query, you need to know what works. Read successful queries. Break them apart and analyze the language, the delivery. Why did this one catch an agent’s eye? Write and rewrite your query and share it with others.

I’ve included links to sites with helpful tips on writing queries. They range from tips to examples. Some of the sites even contain links to other sites.

AgentQuery – This site has great information about formatting your query. (It also has information about various agents and what they represent.)

Writer’s Digest – Lots of resources here. Successful queries, how-to lists, and do’s and don’ts.

Galley Cat  – a running list of successful queries in a variety of genres.

Nathan Bransford – Nathan has both helpful tips on formatting, examples of good queries, and links to other resources.

The Knight Agency – What your query should be from an agent’s perspective.

Query Shark – Want to play along? Send your query in and hope to chosen or comb through the archives to read queries and see how they improved.

Jill Corcoran – motherlode of information about queries 🙂

Again, if you’re at that point where the word query is somehow in your vocabulary, be strong and journey on!

Good luck.


8 thoughts on “Resources for Queries

  1. Thanks Elsie. I’m not even within sight of the query stage at this point, but I’m beginning to wonder if I might get there some day. My blogging friends are an inspirational bunch. Thanks for the great info.


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