It’s “N” day in the A to Z blogging challenge.

And despite my efforts to find an N word that I wanted to use, I came up short.

I thought I would write about No and how important it is to be able to say that word. However, that would be the greatest example of the irony. I usually fail at saying no. I overextended myself repeatedly. So, no life lessons from me on saying No. (It is a good life lesson, however.)

The next word that popped into my mind was nepotism. Yeah, see, nothing I want to say about that.

Necrophilia, necromancy, nymphomaniac, narcolepsy, nest, nectar. (I’m typing them in the order that they pop into my mind. I’m way past worrying about my thought patterns.)

Okay, so I realized I had nothing.

And that was it.


That’s what a writer and an artist have when then begin a story or a project. The idea, the concept, or the image comes to them as an interpretation of something they’ve experienced, a warped rendition of a dream, or maybe it just popped into their head. But the slate is clean every time. The change that occurs from a blank page or a blank canvas requires time, effort, and then celebration.

Transforming nothing into something is the journey.

Here are few quotes about nothing.

Nothing goes on forever.      — unknown
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.      — Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.      — Auguste Rodin 
Nothing is as burdensome as a secret.      — French Proverb
Nothing is certain but death and taxes.      — Ben Franklin 
Nothing is easy to the unwilling.      — Gaelic (on attitude)
Nothing is impossible to the willing heart.      — John Heywood 
Nothing is impossible to the willing mind.      — Books of the Han Dynasty
Nothing remains constant except change itself.      — unknown
Nothing seems expensive on credit.     — Czech (on indebtedness)
Nothing succeeds like success.      — unknown
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.      — Chaucer 
Quotes were found at Wise Old Sayings
Turns out, there’s a lot to that word.



10 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. I like your thought process. Lol. Great quotes also. Here’s a cute one I heard a few years ago:

    “Since nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?”

    Haha. Kind of cheesy but a beautiful sentiment. 🙂


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