Movies That Make Me Laugh

Photo Credit: Flickr by jeff hall

Photo Credit: Flickr by jeff hall

Laughing isn’t a hobby, but if it were, I’d make it one of mine.

And I love the kind of laughter that starts deep inside your belly and spills out uncontrollably in loud bursts followed by the inability to breathe. The laughter that infects every part of your face and keeps the smile plastered there even when you’re finished. That laughter that feels like you’ve actually had an ab workout.

To celebrate laughter, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite movies that make me laugh.

1. The Replacements with Keanu Reaves and Gene Hackman

Have you seen the cheerleader scene? The parking lot scene?

the replacements

2. A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, Alan Tudyk, and Mark Addy

Chaucer on the road, Foxy Lady, Wat/Roland dialogue, and so much more.

Aknight's Tale

3. Old Dogs with John Travolta and Robin Williams

Mixed up med scenes are the best.

Old Dogs

4. Airplane! with Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty

You have to watch this one several times to pick up on all the one liners. A classic.


5. Scary Movie with Anna Faris, Jon Abrahams, Marlon Wayans

Great parody of other scary flicks.

Scary Movie

6. Men in Black with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith

They have great chemistry together!


7. Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis

Witty dialogue (not special effects) make this one a classic.


(This is just a short list. There are others I could add, like Mean Girls, Monty Python, and The History of the World, but I have to stop somewhere.) links added

Do you like movies that make you laugh? What are your favorites?  🙂

10 thoughts on “Movies That Make Me Laugh

    • WIll have to look up I Love You, Man. Haven’t seen that one. I only caught parts of Identity Thief so it was hard for me to keep up. Might need to give that another try.

      Loved your (first) wedding dress, by the way. Gorgeous colors and patterns. Wonderful pics too. Hope the day was magical! Best of luck.


  1. You picked good movies! I will add … The Ugly Truth – I nearly fell off the elliptical at the dinner scene, Bride Wars – International butter club! ha!, The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, and Ten Things I Hate About You – Heath Ledger, sigh.


    • Ten Things I Hate About You is awesome. I love that movie. It should have been on the list. Easy A, too. 🙂
      Haven’t seen the others you mentioned. Am adding them to my list.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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