Hello, my name is…

I love hopping around author’s websites and seeing how many people identify themselves as introverts.


Twice I’ve taken the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator, and twice I’ve come up as an introvert. But I really didn’t need a test to tell me that. (Now granted, the Myers Briggs doesn’t just look at the ability or comfort of dealing with people or how energy is drawn, it delves much deeper into the personality as a whole. Thought I should add that disclaimer so people wouldn’t thinking I was bashing the test. Very informative.)

What’s funny is that both times I took the test, the people closest to me were amazed that I’d ended up an introvert.

But I think I may be an introvert only part of the time. (And to be honest, the Myers Briggs states that people can vacillate between the two.)

I think we are all a complex collection of reactions that differ based on various stimuli. Okay, say what?

Put me in a group of my friends and I can laugh loud enough to elicit polite warnings from the wait staff. Seat me at a dinner table with folks I don’t know and I may be branded a mute. Place me beside a talkative person in the grocery line, I’ll talk about anything from the weather to the best paper towels. Line me up with a shy person, and crickets and cash register keys is all you’ll hear. Give me a project to work on and I’ll either want to run the show or be a workhorse, it all depends on the group and the day.

For the most part, I consider myself an introvert, but I’ve grown to realize that one word doesn’t sum up who I am. And if you ever want to talk face-to-face, I’ll be happy to… just don’t expect me to go first.

How do you characterize yourself? Is that consistent?





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