Erasers for Life

Photo Credit: Flickr by thethreesisters

What if life came with an eraser? You know, a nifty device that would rub out any mistake or transgression that we’d prefer to have removed from our permanent record.

Some of the mistakes I might banish from memory are:

With the new shine still glossing the front of my driver’s license, I parked on a steep hill without engaging the parking brake. Luckily, the hundred-year-old oak growing at the base of the hill absorbed the brunt of the impact and prevented my car from becoming the kitchen table at the house right behind it.

Asking someone I had not seen in years if they were pregnant. Yeah, it wasn’t a Saturday Night Live skit; it was my life featuring my mouth running before my brain had been consulted. And in case you’re wondering, there’s no way out of that rabbit hole.

Not checking the diaper bag to make sure I had extra diapers the day we went to buy a car and were there for hours… with a baby… who had an upset stomach.

Thinking it was a good idea to teach my children the scientific terms for their body parts… until they used them in public… loudly and repeatedly.

And, most recently, letting a dog (or three dogs) in the house after they had been sprayed by a skunk. The term highly-offensive does not begin to describe the odor that plagued my house. I think life was angry with me when this happened. (We were forced to repaint one bathroom, put air purifiers in every room, and throw away a few items. I could go on to explain that it happened during a rainy period which amplifies the odor or add that we carried the scent with us for several days, too.)

Sometimes life is messy. But messy times help us learn valuable lessons and appreciate the times when an eraser is not needed.

I still squirm with embarrassment from a few of my mistakes. Do you have any of those?


17 thoughts on “Erasers for Life

  1. I too have let a dog in the house only to smell later that she had a run-in with a skunk. Bad. Very bad.
    Letting my hubs teach my small boy that it was okay to pee out in the yard.
    Getting my car a little too close to the side of the garage door. Oops.
    Forgetting I had eggs boiling on the stove. Did you know they burst out of their shells when all the water boils away?


  2. These made me chuckle 😀

    Once I answered the phone at my old workplace, and some gruff sounding guy called ‘Louis’ was on the end wanting to speak to my boss. I told my boss and passed the call over, and it was in fact his wife ‘Louise’. I wish the earth had swallowed me whole that day!


  3. Hilarious.

    One vivid memory that makes me cringe with embarrassment happened when I was three. I woke up at about 6am and got completely undressed, went behind the curtain to the sliding door, and pretended to take a shower. About 10 mins later, the mail man woke my mom up to let her know there was a naked baby in the window. For shame. Lol.


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