Why you should enter pitch contests.

#PitMad is today. Here are five great reasons why you should give it a shot.

Aussie Writers

I am a HUGE fan of Pitch Contests. Even though I actually have ended up on the hosting and judging side more than I have as an entrant. But I see some amazing things happen for writers. So here’s my top five reasons why you should enter pitch contests in your search for an agent or editor:

  1. You are amongst a smaller field: If you make it through the cut-off/slush, you are usually amongst a smaller group of pitches than if you were sitting in the agents regular query slush. 
  2. You can be connected to agents you hadn’t thought about querying: There are a lot of agents out there. Researching can be long and time-consuming. Some blogs are out-of-date with their agent information and even agency sites may not have enough information on it for you to determine if you and the agent are a correct match. You could end…

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