New Release: Legendary by L.H. Nicole



By L. H. Nicole


Aliana Fagan spent her childhood traveling the world, dreaming of legendary heroes and mythical lands. But after the sudden death of her parents, she hides behind the safety of her camera and her art until a vivid recurring dream compels her to dig into her father’s research about Avalon and Camelot.  When she is hurled into a magical realm by forces she thought were only the stuff of fairy tales, she finds herself thrown into an adventure she could never have imagined. Nearly everything she thought she knew about Arthurian legend was wrong.

The independent eighteen-year-old is shocked to find that the people of Avalon think that she is the Destined One, the only person who can summon King Arthur back to life from his hidden chamber. Most surprising of all is that it’s up to her to lead the Knights of the Round Table on an epic quest—an adventure that will transport them across the seven magic realms to reclaim all that has been lost so they can defeat the evil Mordrid for good.  But first, she must bring the ancient warriors into her world and reunite them with their lost brothers. Chaperoning the legendary knights-with-a-chivalry-complex as they navigate the modern world is a constant challenge, and she certainly never thought she’d be caught between her intense feelings for the noble Sir Galahad and her growing friendship with the King.

To fulfill the prophecy, Aliana will have to discover the meaning of friendship, bravery, loyalty, true love, and forgiveness. But can she do it all in time to save the realms from Mordrid’s impending Armageddon?

 Prologue for Legendary

Meet one of the Legendary Characters



It has weakened! For the first time in centuries I can feel the barrier thinning. She must be there–my escape–my queen. I am so close to having my revenge! I can feel her. Her strength is unbelievable, a siren’s call. Her emerald eyes have haunted me since the first time I saw her. She will be mine! My Destined One! ~Mordrid

 Here is your first look at one of our villains Mordrid, yes his name is spelled with an ‘i’-for reasons explained in the book. He is darkly beautiful, but so evilly flawed, his very presence will send chills of dread down your spine. He grew up as an orphan surrounded by magic and serving the High Priestesses, whom also taught Morgana how to use her magic, and perfecting his own craft in secret.

So much darkness surrounds Mordrid, he spends so much time hidden in the shadows, that not much is know about him…yet. I have a feeling that by the end of Legendary, you will have a thirst to know more about this dark and devious enigma who can keep everyone guessing what his real plans are.

LH HOOdAbout the Author: L.H. Nicole is a seasoned pastry chef in our nation’s capitol and a lifelong fairy tale (Disney and Grimm) lover. She believes in love at first sight, is addicted to 80’s & 90’s cartoons, and anything that can capture her ADD-way-too-overactive imagination. Joan Lowery Nixon and L.J. Smith were the first authors she became addicted to, and they inspired her to steal away whenever she could to read and write. You can keep up with L.H. and all her news and adventures on , Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and her website.

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