Overdue apologies

As I work through my second round of edits, it has come to my attention that I owe a few apologies.


Photo Credit: Flickr by butupa

Dear Oxford Comma,

I understand you are to be used as a serial comma around coordinating conjunctions. You help us list items, emotions, and more. You offer great clarity, yet I abuse you. While editing, I deliberately lost count of the times I omitted you. I apologize. I will try to do better.


Photo Credit: Flickr by butupa

Dear Coordinating Conjunction But,

You’re a showstopper. But I have robbed you of the dramatic entrance to which you’re entitled by forgetting the comma that precedes you. I create sentences designed to give you the glory of a pause, but then kill  your moment with an omission. I apologize. I will work on this.


Photo Credit: Flickr by equivag (Sandy)

Dear Ellipses,

Wow… you leave me speechless. People turn to you when they simply can not find the words. You escort in silence, confusion, or nothingness. You replace missing words. You allow thoughts to trail off into the sunset. But only when used correctly. You want to be tucked in beside the word you follow and allowed space before the next word. If in dialogue, you want to be married to both, the preceding word and the quotation mark. I get it. I really do.

As the journey continues, I’m sure I’ll need to offer more apologies because I will misuse and abuse the English language again. But not on purpose. Never on purpose.

Learning is part of the journey. And I am.

Cheers everyone!

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