The Cave of Wonders

Photo Credit: Don Fulano on Flickr

Photo Credit: Don Fulano on Flickr

My editing cave is like Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders. While my cave is not a mystical location hidden beneath the desert sands and I don’t have a tall, creepy charlatan serving as my guide, I am heading in with one goal.

Aladdin was given one task – two if you want to include not stealing (note to Abu). Jafar and the sand tiger both forewarned him to touch only the lamp. You see, a focused search would render greater success and keep him out of trouble. It’s hard to get sidetracked if you concentrate on only one item. (I have had shopping expeditions that serve as great examples of this.)

My focus, since entering the edit cave, has been to achieve the goal my editor set for me… to make this diamond in the rough shine. I’m three days in and still focused. Except for right now, while I add this blog, but then I’m back…in the cave… no distractions.

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