A Growing Appreciation


Photo Credit: jm3 on Flicker

Writing has transformed me as a reader.

The list of reasons for the change is practical and holds no surprises. I understand story arcs, pacing, and the role of conflict better now. I look for red herrings, internal friction, and character traits. It’s an evolution as I better understand the craft. But I often feel like a chef tasting someone else’s cooking. I focus on each bite, savoring the flavor and trying to identify the individual spices used. My transformation allows me to enjoy reading on another level. I relish in sentences I want to reread, smile when I find an unexpected story twist, and applaud characters who demand a response from me.

Two books I’ve read this year with fabulous “character ingredients” are:

Finding Alaska by John Green. Loved the dynamic characters who conveyed a sense of their history, their fears and their beliefs through their actions and thoughts.  Loved the philosophical approach to the labyrinth and life.  Wonderful story, wonderfully told.

and Easy by Tamara Webber. This was my first NA read. The complex characters and the struggles they faced made this a very worthwhile read. Her plot pieces fit together well. Pick it up, really.

I read other books, many worth mentioning, which are listed on Goodreads. Check out the list and while you’re there, friend me. Then recommend a book for me.

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