Being a writer makes me give thanks

Photo Credit: Mr.T in DC

With Thanksgiving upon us, I wanted to share why being a writer makes me give thanks.

I am thankful for artistic license. I am thankful that while waiting in the grocery store line I can assign character flaws to people in line ahead of me and plan their role in future books. I am thankful that a trip to the doctor makes me wonder about the undiscovered germs I stepped in that I will track out into the street  and accidentally start the next epidemic. I am thankful for the reenactment I feel obligated to create in my head when I pass someone pulled over and getting a ticket.

I am thankful that I can log on to Twitter, hop around other blogs or visit Facebook and see several articles written by writers about writing. I am thankful that the writing community can be as big or as small as you want to make it. (Nanowrimo, AgentQuery Connect and Writeoncon are three fabulous examples.) I am thankful that other writers are willing to stop and answer questions along the way.

I am thankful that I found the most amazing and talented critique partners in Abby J. Reed and J.M. Ledwell. I am thankful that Katie Teller found me on PitMad. I am thankful that my first book will be published by the wonderful folks at Curiosity Quills. I am thankful I follow generous and sagacious people in twitter and I am thankful I found #nanobuds and #writingbuds there are well.

It’s not easy being a writer with the rejections, the editing, and the self-doubt. But writing provides an opportunity to create, to let your voice be heard and to allow your imagination to run wild. Not to mention, mingle with a lot of interesting characters.

And for that, I’m thankful.

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