Challenge Accepted

With a personal and public NaNoWriMo commitment of completing 50K words in one month hanging over my head, why would I sign up for ProjectREUTSway Bloody Ever After Challenge?  ProjectREUTSway is a NaNoWriMo contest sponsored by REUTS Publications. But they’re not hosting a create-50K-words-kind-of-contest. They’re looking for warped and creative renditions of the fairy tales in the Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm collections. Oh yeah, and they want gore, paranormal, and more over a four-week period… all in a short story format. 2 K to 5K range.

So why do it? Writing 5K takes significantly less time than 80K, but it still relies on the same type of creativity and planning. It’s like painting the Sistine Chapel on a piece of notebook paper. No, not really, but that seemed like such a super analogy. Writing a short story is not only a challenge, it’s great practice.

I accepted the awesome challenge ProjectREUTSway extended by writing a less than 5K story about a fairy tale I knew from childhood. I tried to include plot, tension, and character development using a fraction of the words I usually throw around.  And how did I do? We’ll find out if I hit or missed the mark when they reveal “Top Looks” this weekend. But regardless of how my story fares, I came out a winner because this offered me another chance to practice my craft. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters. And it will make me stronger for round two.

Are you up for the challenge? Check out or follow them on twitter @ProjectREUTSway to find out more.

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